30 April 2007

Ms Hilda

Someone asked for a new picture of me and one of My lady. The previous picture was yours truly and this is my lady.

27 April 2007

More picnic pics

Some more picnic pics. The "Bikers" are members of the American Legion Riders locally. They are very active in the Legion and raise lots of money for Legion projects. The girl singer in the band (at the picnic) is a Legion Rider.

Downtown Tucson

These are some favorite pictures of mine of some of our downtown buildings. I took these when Hilda and I were walking from the parking garage to the SAHBA Home Show the other week. Some of the buildings are below ground level, though open to the sunlight and ...... they have garden areas and plazas down there also.

Cuz Robyn's new grandson

Cousin Robyn (Dixon) Richardson had a grandson ... Camron Jacob Patterson.

The Picnic

The American Legion (District 2) Picnic was Sunday last here in Tucson. Ms. Hilda and I attended, as it was a beautiful Arizona day. The day before, Saturday, I awoke to a chilly rain and the Catalinas topped with snow. It did warm up during the day and turned into a pretty nice Saturday. The pictures above are
1) Ms Hilda fetching beer from the tapper for us.
2) My leg in it's brace ... that's why I'm not fetching the brew.
3) A low rider from in front of Pat's Chili Dog's
It was a good weekend.

15 April 2007

? ! ? News ? ! ?

Does anyone know what the "NEWS" is?

Celebrities, in my book, are not news ... unless they commit a 'real' crime, or are the victims of a real crime.

Anna Nicole Smith is not news! Now, in the past or in the future. She is dead, but, (sorry folks), she was a dumb Texas blond who had no control over her life or in her life. Having big boobs and marrying an old codger doesn't make you news. There are a lot of dumb women (and men) out there who have rotten lives, problems with drugs and alcohol and they either die or live.

Geraldo Rivera appearing in a small role in "The Sopranos" is not news.

Any of the Hollywood ?stars?, Music Business types, or sports ?stars? who get divorced, shave their head, get tattoos, have political views or want to save the whales, the world, the wetbacks, etc. are not news.

News is something that has, or should have, an impact on the lives [either physically, emotionally, mentally or financially] on a LOT of Americans. It can also be something of importance that affects (in the same ways) people either in our country or in other places in the world.

The topic of conversation in public and on job sites used to be about politics, world and national events, and sometimes sports. Now, all I hear in those environs is about TV shows. The Sopranos, reality (that's a stupid choice of labels I think) shows, Dancing with the Stars, whatever that "wanna-be-a-star" show is called. So and so's divorce, what Brad or whoever is doing behind their spouse's back and with whom. There used to be, and probably still are, magazines at the checkout counter that dealt with all that JUNK. Now, every 'news' show and every newspaper is a part of that market.

Maybe I am behind the times or just getting too old, but I hope that my life extends beyond something that is regularly telecast on TV.

Oh well .... I have opinions, as does everyone.

09 April 2007


I guess I am weather happy and so is cousin Dean. It has been in the 90's here in the desert and it has been cold in Baltimore. We're both happy. His high temps are our low temps.

I spent Easter with Hilda and her mom at Hilda's daughter's house. This was Amanda's first chance at being a hostess ... she blew it big time. Hopefully, she'll get better.

Valdez sent me a quote today that I liked ... I am big on lyrics, poems, and quotes. It was from Ernest Hemingway, who said:
"I write the best that I can. Sometimes I write better than I can".

My other 2 favorite quotes of the weekend are:
"I'm so old that I no longer buy green bananas."
"Food has replaced sex in my life. Now, I can't get into my own pants."

I also heard one a week or so ago:
"I'm so old, that when I go out to eat... they want me to pay up front".

It is now Tuesday morning, I am getting ready to go to work. Listening to Boot Liquor radio on the computer and letting my huge breakfast settle. The man on the news says that our temperatures will be lowering on Thursday/Friday to the mid 70's, and getting really windy ... not good news. But it has been nice at night ... high 50's - low 60's.

Now it is Thursday afternoon, where did the week go? I cannot have been that busy I think. But, this is the first chance I've had to get back on the BLOG since Tuesday.

This weekend (day after tomorrow already) we are going to the Fiesta Grande in Barrio Hollywood from about 1000 till 1400 or so, then to the SAHBA Home Show at the Community Center, finishing off the night at the ABA Ampitheater at Casino del Sol for a Mexican music festival. I guess I will wash clothes and clean the apartment on Sunday. So much for time to chill out.

Don Imus got fired from the radio and the TV, but interestingly enough ..... the ?Rev? Al Sharpton and the ?Rev? Jesse Jackson ( I don't know where or IF they ever got Divinity degrees) still have their shows and they are constantly talking shit about the white race.... Conservatives in particular. [Al Sharpton was ordained a minister at the age of 10 by a family friend.] [Jesse Jackson never got a degree or an ordination as far as I have been able to ascertain.] White America has given up all rights to have opinions and or views on any subject unless they have been politically O.K.ed by some minority group. Take, for example, the Duke LaCrosse team. They will not be charged, their reputations and names have been dragged through through the mud of the press and public opinion and all they get is a "Gee, we're sorry, ... guess we were wrong. You can go on with your lives now (or try)." They had to hire expensive lawyers (are there other kinds?), give up their sport, their educations, et al. OOPS !!!!

Well, enough of my ranting for now.


05 April 2007


If you are 8-10 car lengths, or more, behind the car in front of you and there are lots of cars bumper to bumper behind you ....... PULL OVER AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY .... Pretty please!

If you cannot talk on your stupid cell phone AND pay attention to your driving .... HANG UP OR PARK THE DAMN CAR !!!!!!! After all ... be honest now ..... is that call really important or are you just bored with your stupid, inconsequential life????? Remember ... you are not important in the great scheme of things, but the person you run into MAY BE. Think about it.

If you are under the age of 25, have someone read this to you, it is important.

03 April 2007


Well, I saw a good one today. I was in the left turn lane, about 4th at the red light. A girl, who was first in line, got out of her carand walked back to the second vehicle in line. A boy got out and stood up ...... then .... she slapped the dog shit out of him (I mean, this blow would have shaken Ali's knees) and then she walked back to her car, the light changed and she went on her way. The guy, visibly shaken, was slower to get back in his car and barely made the light. What a show!!

Other than that, not much shaking here in saguaro land.Weather is in the high 80's ... over 90 tomorrow. Love it big time.

Had to go take Hilda to the store after I got off work. She works for the Jewish Community Center and the Deli is closed for Passover. She cannot take anything that is non-kosher to work (for lunch). So, I had to take her shopping for something to eat. Found some fish and white rice, better than matzos and Gefilte Fish I guess.

Now Wednesday ... bad day at work, gashed my head just before I got off, pretty long cut too. I had an appointment at the V.A., but you know they couldn't fit my head into my appointment so I mopped at it with a napkin the whole time I was in my appointment. I showered, clipped the hair around it and it has finally stopped running down onto my forehead.

I am having some dinner and a Shiner Bock ... regardless of what the doctor said. He asked me "when was the last time you were UNDER 200 lbs?". I told him "Basic Training, 1968". He wants me to lose weight and stop drinking beer, and stop eating salt, and exercise daily ... as long as it doesn't aggravate my knees. I have yet to figure how to exercise without standing up.

Oh well.

Have a great week