22 October 2013

I had to take the ever lovely Ms. Hilda to Big Lots today … for a few items. They had large Christmas displays up, and they've been up a week … I asked. Some of the items have been up a little longer. And people wonder why I am out of the Christmas spirit by the first week of December. Is it too early for a Bah Humbug !!! It's only mid September

Doctor Rosenberg (Hilda's oncologist) found out what may be Ms. Hilda's "main" problem (besides me). She has an "Insulin Immune Reaction System" problem and they want to give her intravenous chemo. The problem is … TAH DAH!! Medicare will not cover it. So they are going to contact the drug manufacturer and see if we can get a break. The treatment is once a week for 4 weeks and that's a few thousand $$$ per week. Pray for her (us).