19 November 2016

On the soapbox ... screaming, as it were

   It's been a while since I have been on here ... sorry. I handle 'most' of my thoughts on Facebook small amounts at a time. The longer ones I send out in my 'Sunday Letters'. But "furor scribendi" [Latin for - the rage to write, ... a malady I sometimes am afflicted by] has arisen and here I am.
   The election has passed and the cry-baby Liberals are out in force. Nothing pleases them more than a opportunity to rape, pillage, burn and generally raise holy hell for injustices both real and imagined. Besides, what better time to loot stores than just before Christmas ... helps put a dent in those gift buying woes. Get a few dozen pair of high priced sneakers, a TV or two, and that new video game player for cousin Joe. Hell ... better than spending money. Besides, they may have to get a job after the election, or move to Canada, or go back to where-ever they came here from.
   Now ... before you get your fruit-of-the-looms in a tizzy ...
I am not a racist, a homophobe, or a woman beater. I am a conservative white man certainly ... but my wife, my ex-wife, my children, and my grandchildren are mostly Hispanic, as are a majority of my friends, and many of my friends/family are Liberal. I am heterosexual, but two of our dearest best friends are not and they are two of the greatest people I know. My (late) nephew Marco was gay and had a really great companion whom I really liked. My granddaughter Jasmine (whom I love dearly) is gay. I am not bragging or complaining ... merely stating facts. I am a practicing minister (have a wedding in Amado, Az. today in fact), but I hold no animosity against any other practitioners of any religion (or atheists, agnostics, humanists, druids, et al). I do draw the line when it comes to them attempting to force their life choices on me, or trying to change the laws, attitudes, and/or customs of my country to suit themselves. I do not get along well with Jehovah's Witnesses, radical Muslims, or Mormon missionaries. Believe what you want, but DO NOT try to convert me or tell me what religion, political party, or ideology I should subscribe to.
  There are people out there crying for folks to get guns and kill white people, cops, and our President-elect. What would those same people think or say if I (or anyone) called for people to get guns and kill blacks, Hispanics, or our current President? The proverbial shoe would be on a different foot then I guess!
   I belong to the only group in America that it is politically correct to laugh at, make jokes about, and want to kill. Poor white, Republican, gun-owning, work-every-day, redneck, Americans.
   I read in the paper that a designer, who dresses the current First Lady, is refusing to dress the upcoming First Lady and is calling on all other designers to do the same. Wait a bleeding minute there heifer ... aren't you the same people who drove a mom and pop bakery out of business because they would not decorate a "gay" wedding cake? Are there different standards for you guys on the Left than for us poor, uneducated slobs on the Right?
   I hear that we Republicans are the descendants of slave owners and we were/are responsible for the Civil War. That is a fallacy ... Lincoln was a Republican, as was U.S. Grant. Am I a southerner? Yes, Scots-Irish Virginia born to a cotton mill working mother who raised her boys to think for themselves. I was a Kennedy Democrat in 1960 because they believed what I believed. Now, I am a Trump Republican ... because he believes in the things that I do. I believe in "LEGAL" immigration, a strong military, the draft, limited Federal government. I believe that if you come to the United States to live and work, you should abide by our laws and our customs. If you want Sharia Law ... live in a place that has or agrees with Sharia Law. If you think that my Social Security is a 'hand-out' when I have paid into it all my life (in fact, although I am drawing Social Security, I still have to pay into it when I work) ... you are delusional. If you think that non-working, dope dealing, gang-bangers deserve hand outs so they can live better than I do ... you are delusional. If you think that birth control is abortion and not just choosing not to have sex or using birth control, ... you are delusional.
    I fought for my nation, as did both my brothers. I came home to the U.S. in 1970 and got spit on in the airport. I was shunned in most bars/clubs in Tucson because I was in the military. I didn't need a 'Safe Place' to cry and/or mourn like these folks who cannot get over the fact that their candidate lost. I sucked it up and got on with it. I have not agreed withe the current POTUS for 8 years ... but I did not burn down businesses or cars or call for murder or assassination ... I sucked it up and got on with it. In a way, I am glad that I am 71 years old and my days are numbered. Life in these old United States ain't what it used to be.