09 June 2007

June Already

Well, again I have been remiss in my postings. Work has been really hectic and I have been worn out. My boss went on a two week Alaskan cruise this week and everything went to hell as it were. I have two of my nietos (grandkids) up for a week or so ... Devin who is 11 and Steve Jr. who is 8. It is Saturday morning and I am relaxing for the first time in a week or so.

Well .... things got the better of me and I am now sitting in front of the computer on Sunday morning.

Yesterday: [where it went]
I fed the boys pancakes, boys and I went to the pool, then we picked up Hilda, went to the International Wildlife Museum, ate Chinese at New China, went to the pool again, I went to the installation ceremonies for the American Legion Post 36 ( I had to take pictures and was installed as the Historian for 07-08), then we went to Amanda's 22nd birthday party (Hilda's daughter), took Hilda home, boys and I returned here. Elapsed time frame 0830 - 2200. So much for relaxing I guess.

Monday afternoon:
Sunday went down the tubes pretty quickly. The boys spent some time at the pool, we went to the Legion to get a dog. Alissa (a young bartender there) and her husband had found her chained to a tree in a local park. The chain had created a scar around her neck and she was really malnourished. Alissa fattened her up but couldn't keep her ... she has lots of animals already ..... so I took her. One of my nietos (grandchildren), Steve Rigney Jr., who is with me has a birthday this week (Friday) and his parents said he had been wanting a dog and that he could keep her. They have a big yard (they live in my old house) and he really loves her. Devin would like to have her also but they can share, as Devin is at Stevie's a lot. She is a really quiet dog, but has some size on her .... she is about 16" at the shoulder. They are calling her
'Roxie' and she seems to like the name. She is gold colored like a Lab, wrinkled around the shoulders but Devin says she looks as if she has some 'Rotty' in her. She is really friendly, good with kids and extremely quiet.

You guys have a good week and a better one next week.