19 December 2010

NFL Picks 19-20 Dec

My picks for the weekend.

Date & Time

12/19 1:00 ET
St. Louis -3

Kansas City

12/19 1:00 ET

Houston  +1.5

12/19 1:00 ET

Jacksonville +4.5

12/19 1:00 ET

Arizona +2.5

12/19 1:00 ET
Cincinnati -1


12/19 1:00 ET
Miami -5


12/19 1:00 ET
NY Giants -3


12/19 1:00 ET
Dallas -7


12/19 1:00 ET
Tampa Bay -4.5


12/19 1:00 ET

New Orleans +2.5

12/19 4:05 ET
Atlanta -6

At Seattle

12/19 4:15 ET
Pittsburgh -4.5

NY Jets

12/19 4:15 ET
Oakland -7.5


12/19 8:20 ET
New England -14

Green Bay

Monday Night Football Line

12/20 8:35 ET
Chicago -7.5

At Minnesota

     Over/Under is 33 ... I pick under                                                                                                          

13 December 2010

I celebrated my birthday by buying an all terrain 4 wheeler.
Here is a picture of me playing with it in the back yard.

12 December 2010

Sunday Morning

The Minnesota Vikings dome roof has collapsed and they cannot play football there. Do you think that God is trying to extend Bret Favre's starting streak?

0300 Hours Sunday Morn

Middle of the night, couldn't sleep. Here are my picks for 12/12 and 12/13

    Favorite                          Line           Underdog     

    Jacksonville                   -3.5          Oakland    
    Pittsburgh                      -8.5          Cincinnati    
    New England                 -3             Chicago    
    Buffalo                             0             Cleveland
    NY Giants                       -3             Minnesota    
    Green Bay                      -6.5         Detroit    
    Atlanta                            -7.5          Carolina    
    Tampa Bay                    -1              Washington
    New Orleans                -9              St. Louis    
    San Francisco             -5               Seattle    
    NY Jets                         -5.5           Miami    
    Denver                         -4              Arizona    
    San Diego                   -9.5           Kansas City    
    Philadelphia              -3.5           Dallas    

Monday Night Football Line
    NY Giants              -3                  Minnesota    
    Baltimore              -3                  Houston         46  [
Pick the "under"]

I do not know what has happened to my sleep patterns. I sleep a few hours and then I am up and unable to go back to sleep. then about daylight I get sleepy as hell. Old age? Living a Bad Life?
Have a good day.

06 December 2010

1st 'FULL' week of December

   Well, the old fat man is finishing all the toys in preparation for his around the world journey three weeks from tonight. Christmas decorations are up around the apartment complex and my Bah-Humbug T-shirt is ready for wear. We won't be having much, if anything, but we'll be helping others who are less fortunate (with our time and efforts). There are the Christmas baskets for the poor to fill and distribute for the Legion, the Legion Christmas Party at the Post home for all the kids, etc. It'll make us feel better and it'll help others ... what more is there? Tis' the season.
   Hilda's arm is still paining her a lot and she is still unable to do for herself. I have to dress her, bathe her and pretty much do most of the things she needs done. It is frustrating for her, she cannot wait until it heals.
   I hope that you all are getting in the season and will be surrounded by friends and family.

December 6

    One of my photos is on HappySnappy (see "Other Blogs You'll Like" on the left of this page) as a guest picture blogger under the theme "Light" ... thanks to Kia and Jaana.
   My NFL picks (as of the last 2-3 weeks have been atrocious.  I went 7-7 yesterday ... point spreads killed me, I lost one game by 1/2 point and one game by 2 1/2 points. I picked the winners in both games, but in one I had to give 4 1/2 and they won by 4 and the other I had to give 6 1/2 and they won by 4. Arr-r-r-rgh !! I am now 74-52 or 59% (below 60%, how bad is that?) going into tonight's Jets-Patriots game. Come on Jets !! Make me a winning week.

04 December 2010

1st Weekend in December

      Saturday morning, not much going on around Ranchito de Poeta Baracho. I've been up since about 0300, I had to get up to get Hilda's sugar up a little. She was at 40, which is low. When I am up for longer than a few minutes, it's hard for me to get back to sleep. The past week or so, she has had trouble with her low sugars again. I don't know if it is the pain in her arm or her pain medication that is causing it. But ... I am back to the old days, waking up a couple of times a night to check on her. I am hoping that her pain starts to subside some pretty quick, as she gets really grumpy about not being able to do stuff for herself ... like bathe, get dressed, eat properly (she's not real good with her left hand), and other things.
    I've been on the keyboard for an hour or so ... discussing (arguing) some points with a former Morman/now Atheist friend of mine. I've also read all my Saturday comics and the news (online of course). I've had several discussions with others this AM also ... some friendly, some political and others just gossip. I did have a little problem explaining to one gal that the United States is a federal constitutional republic and not a democracy. She checked it out and apologized. Fat Boy 1  Skinny Bitch 0 !!
     I have a REALLY interesting and informative You-tube thing that you NEED to view. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlfEdJNn15E There were some facts in it that even a know-it-all like me found new and interesting. Check it out when you get time.
     I have RadioFreeTexas on the computer and am enjoying some good tunes from the GetoCowboys, Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Billy Joe Shavers, et al. Nice background music to the pre-dawn hours. I love music.
    I have been working on my November Financial Report for the Legion. We had some computer problems there that have not been completely resolved and so it's been difficult. I have to go there about 0800 to get a few more facts straight and then Sunday morning/Monday morning, I'll do the Kitchen report. Monday night I'll work Sirloin Burger Night. Tuesday morning, the Commander and I have to move some records and stuff there and then a Finance Committee / E-Board meeting Tuesday evening. busy few days.
   I am hoping that I can get Hilda to go to the Legion for an hour or so today. We visited with her mom the other day and it was nice for her to get out of the house.
  I am hoping that my NFL picks improve this week, I am now at 60% [so here they are:
Bills + 5.5          at the Vikings     ... Vikings cover
Browns +5        at Miami                ... Miami covers
Jaguars +3        at Tennessee       ... Jaguars in an upset
Broncos +8.5   at the Chiefs        ... Denver + the points (too many)
Redskins +7     at the Giants        ... Giants cover (come on Eli)
Chicago -4.5    at the Lions           ... Chicago wins
49er's +9.5       at the Packers      ... Packers (but that's a lot of points)
Saints -6.5        at the Bengals      ... Saints should cover here
Falcons -3         at Tampa Bay       ... Falcons should cover easily
Raiders +13     at the Chargers    ... Chargers (but, again, a LOT of points)
Carolina +5     at Seattle                 ... Toss-up, but I'll go with the Panthers
Dallas +5.5      at the Colts             ... a really hard one, but I'll go Colts (probably a field goal difference)
Rams -3.5        at Arizona               ... Rams, I can't believe Arizona can beat anyone
Steelers +3      at the Ravens        ... Another toss-up, with Big Ben's foot, I'll go Ravens

Monday Night: Jets +3.5   at the Patriots ... I like the Jets in an upset

   You all know how much I like taking pictures. Well I like other people's also. The following photographs are from electrician Sean Heavey. They are of a weather phenomenon known as a supercell. This occurred in Glasgow Montana, where Sean was working.