23 February 2007

Good Book... a report

It's been a while ... but I have returned. Learning my new job, Hilda's birthday, VA hospital, lots of stuff that made me brain dead. My fingers still have the ability to hit the keyboard, but my brain (what there was of it) went south and is residing on some Mexican beach sipping Pina Coladas or some dark beer while perusing the ills of the world and the cures thereof.

I have just finished reading (for the third time) a book by Margaret Gray Towne. I believe, if memory serves, that she is the wife of the pastor at the church my brother Mickey and his wife Patricia attend. It is called "Honest to Genesis ... A Biblical and Scientific Challenge to Creation". It is the most amazing tome I have read in years. It has answered a lot of questions that had been in my mind for years. Now, I realize that I was not wrong in my doubts or in my beliefs. I read it through the first time and enjoyed it and learned a lot. The second time I studied it .. with the Bible at my side. This last time I read it to let it really soak in and enjoy the full context.

Margaret earned two degrees in Biology from the University of Michigan and attended Princeton Theological Seminary. Her Doctoral research at Montana State University centered on creationism and evolution. She recently taught science and religion courses as a "Distinguished Visiting Professor" at Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA. Currently she teaches in the Philosophy Department, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

If you can not find this book anywhere, e-mail me and I will send you my (Signed by the Author) copy ...... it is that important.

Love From The Desert

Now, to catch you all up to date with happenings here in the southwest.

HIlda, my mom and I are all doing well. My knee has been giving me fits 24/7 for a great while. I am going to the VA Hospital and they would like to replace both my knees. However, I can think of no way to support myself and pay my bills while recuperating, so it'll have to wait a year or two. They are working on getting me some disability while I am recuperating (the damage happened initially while I was on active duty). Anyway, I am working... again for Perry Hardee at ValuPlus Vending. I am repairing his vending machines and doing a little delivering and installing. It is something an old fart like me can do.

Hilda had her 53rd birthday yesterday (Thursday), no one where she works can believe that she is that old ... I can't either. I am going to Benson tomorrow to pick up my mom and bring her to Tucson. She and Hilda and I are going to the American Legion Post 36 tomorrow night for the steak dinner and music/dancing by Desert Knights. I will take mom back to Benson on Sunday. Hilda is going to the Casino del Sol on the Pasqua Yaqui Pueblo tonight with her daughter Amanda Hope and her boyfriend Sean. I passed ... cannot stand to drop my money into a machine that doesn't love me. I need to relax tonight anyway.

The route man was on vacation this week and I ran his route .... that's a young man's game. I hadn't run a route in over three years and a lot has changed. It took me about 11-12 hours each day and I came home exhausted and dirty. I'll live though .... it's Friday night and he'll be back tomorrow. I do need a good night's sleep and some rest on my poor knees. At this moment (1800 hrs on February 23rd) they're swollen up like balloons and throbbing like a toothache. I am watching Prince of Tides on the TV ... don't much like the stars but I am really getting into the author. Pat Conroy ... who wrote basically about about his screwed up family and his life. You may have heard of "The Great Santini", a movie was made of it starring Robert Duval, it was about his Marine Corp father. Or "My Losing Season" a novel about his senior year at the Citidal when his team won the longest basketball game (quadrupal overtime) ever played against rival VMI in 1967. There was a movie called "Conrack" starring Jon Voight which was about Conroy's teaching career. He also wrote "Lords of Discipline" about his time at The Citadel. He had a really screwed up family and existence ... but he wrote about it all ... probably cheaper than a shrink .... and it made him rich, which is always nice.

Well, I must go and shower and rub that hot lotion on my knees that the VA gave me (it's made of the Capsicum from Habanero chili peppers) and it burns like hell. But ... it keeps me walking around or I guess it does.

Anyway, you guys have a great weekend and a better week next week. Peace and love from the desert southwest .... Shalom

Antonio ... Tony ... Buttermilk

03 February 2007

February 03

Well, 48 years ago today is The Day the Music Died. That was when Buddy Holly, J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, and Richie (Ricardo Valenzuela) Valens died in a plane crash. I remember the day ... I was 13 and very much into music (as I am today).

I have been hacking away at my new job. So far it has been extremely strenuous and I am exhausted at the end of each day. When we start up the 2nd shift and I am the leadman, perhaps the back breaking toil will lessen. I certainly hope so. At age 61, I am no longer the man I once was. In fact ... in reality .... I probably never was that man. Except in memory maybe.

I just (5 minutes ago) got a phone call from a man that I used to work for, (I drove a vending route for him) and he wants me to go back to work for him ... installing, repairing and servicing vending
machines.. It is $100 a week more than I am making right now and $50 a week more than I will be making next month when I start on swing shift. It is straight days, Monday - Friday and more money. It is also less physical labor. I cannot see any downside to it. I talked to Hilda and she loves the fact that it would be less strenuous on my knees and also that it would be day shift. She didn't like the idea of me working 3:30-midnight because it would lessen our opportunities to be together. I told him that I would call him on Monday.


O.K., ..... I had even forgotten that this message was sitting here unfinished. It is Thursday ... the 8th .... and I am getting ready to shower and go to bed. I have been busy, re-learning everything I used to know about vending machines. I will be repairing them and taking care of the route when the route guy goes on vacation, which is the week of 19-23 February. I will probably work 12-14 hours a day that week. Hilda and I are going to see my mom and my nietos this weekend (in Benson). She is working, as am I, and the schedules are crazy.

Our weather has been more Arizona-like this week .... highs in the high 70s and low 80s and lows about 50. We might get some more rain next week ... cold front from California .... but it is still up in the air. Been nice swimming in the pool and sitting in the jacuzzi though. My kind of winter .... like late spring really. Those of you who really love winter are more than welcome to it as far as I am concerned. Give me 70-80 degrees and short sleeves any time. Can't wait for the 90s and low 100s ... great weather.

Have a great week/month/year.

PEACE / LOVE / HUGS ......... LFTD