01 May 2012

Rambling on ... and on

    I have a lot of excess time at work and I cannot leave, so I listen to music ... of course I listen to music a lot anyway. But, where was I? Oh yeah ... music ... I was listening to Badlands on my computer and I heard a song that I love ... especially the sentiment. It's called "I Don't Really Like a Lot of the People That I Love". I really understand what he means! One line in the song says ..."I like to see them come, but I love to see them go ". Sounds like something that Kristofferson would have written in his early days, and he was a master of lyrics.
    It is now Monday the 30th and I am working (three days in a row because of a management changeover).
Today is the birthday of Willie Nelson ... who is 79, and Bobby Vee (nee Robert Veline)... who is 69
   Today in history:
1789: George washington was inaugurated as the 1st Prez
1803: We made the Louisiana Purchase for $15 mil that more than doubled the size of the U.S.
1939: FDR became the 1st Prez to be on TV when he was shown on opening day of the New York World's fair
1967: Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title when he refused to be drafted

Didn't get this posted yesterday, lots of work with the management changeover. So, it is Tuesday already (the 1st of May) 4 more days until Cinco de Mayo ... which is a Mexican holiday that was invented in the good old U.S. of A. It celebrates  a battle that the Mexicans won ... in a war that they lost. Go figure!
Anyway ... being the 1st of May [May Day as it were] ... some birthdays for today are:
Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Cannary Burke) in 1852
Army General Mark Clark in 1896 ... the Allied Commander in Italy in WWII
   and singers:
Sonny James (James Hugh Loden) "The Southern Gentleman" in 1929
Judy Collins in 1939 ... one of my all time favorite singers, although (like a lot of singers I like) politically way to the left of me. Her album "In My Life" recorded in 1966 was a favorite of mine while I was in Vietnam in the late 60's.
Rita Coolidge in 1945 ... my age and another favorite of mine. "The Delta Lady" (Leon Russell wrote the song by that name for her). She was also married to Kris Kristofferson for a while.
Tim McGraw in 1967 ... husband of Faith Hill and son of baseball player Tug McGraw