21 July 2012

Around the Apartments

     It is the latter part of July and we are getting monsoons that remind me of when I first got here 42 years ago. Yesterday we had a 1/2 hour rain about 1800 hrs (6 PM) and another hard rain (about an hour's worth) around 2000-2200 (8-10 PM) and again a rain about 0300 (3 AM).
    Yesterday (here at the Apartment complex) we had a Luau with food furnished by the managers, et al and some oldies music and Karaoke ... and we all had a pretty good time.

Me and Hilda in our south seas (Hawaiian) attire.
I am in shorts, but they don't show in the picture,

they look like slacks.

Jack (of Jack & Jill) Williamson

Jay (Jose) and Norma Cardenas

Getting some food

     Today we have a going away party for a lady that is moving to Phoenix (WHY Phoenix ??? ... I have no idea!). Before that we may play some Wii bowling with Norma and Jay. Last evening we watched a movie that got really panned by the critics ... 'John Carter of Mars' ... , but we found it very entertaining. we then started watching a movie called 'Chronicle' but had trouble with our old DVD player. It is about 12 years old. Today, I bought a new one ... about $40... (and half the size of the old one). We will continue watching that movie, among others, today. I would imagine that we have run thousands of movies through the old DVD player in the last 12 years or more.

17 July 2012

A weekend in Tucson

Norma and Jay checking out an old Studebaker Commander

Hilda's hair getting windblown as she checks out the older cars
Hello once again ... things here in the desert are pretty much the same. Norma and Jay Cardenas and the ever lovely Ms Hilda and I went to the Mariachi Festival at the Gaslight the other week and to the Car Show the week before that.

We played WII (bowling) on the 4th of July with Jay and Norma and watched it rain in our beloved desert.
I made a "Independance Day" cake (pics below)
                                                          My Strawberry/Blueberry cake

4th of July Rain
We have been baby sitting 'Gus' the dog from next door ... while Mike and Jini and family are in Hawaii
He is a trip. He never gets enough loving or rubbing.