29 August 2010

The Worst Wastes, etc.!!

I have a, sort of informal and always being edited, list of ... in my opinion only ...  
The Greatest Waste of a Human Being and/or Most Over-rated "Celeb" Extant
These are people, who for one reason or another, really piss me off without doing anything but existing and breathing air that people could use. You may disagree with me and you may have a list of your own, if only in your mind. Tell me who shouldn't or should be on here.  

NO POLITICIANS will be listed because I personally think that 99% of them should be on here. I do not put people on here just because they are idiots, it would be a much bigger list. 

Also NOT on here are people that I am just tired of hearing about like Sara Palin's daughter's boyfriend, Oprah, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, et al.

Also NOT on here are people with whose politics I am totally against such as Sean Penn and all his ilk.

This list is in no particular order and is not halfway complete (yet), as it's just off the top of my head.

Richard Simmons ... fitness guru and all around idiot. 

Paris Hilton ... famous for just being famous, and I don't think she is that pretty ... too skinny and she has that "one" look (the way she poses her head) that I am certain she practices.Real waste.

Michael Jackson ... the boy had some talent, but he brought weirdness to a whole new level and he was not wrapped real tight. Also, he "might" have done some things with children that should be punishable by very extreme means.

Robin Leach (Lifestyles of the Rich, etc) ... I mean, really people, this guy is like fingernails on a chalk board. 

Madonna / Amy Winehouse / Lindsey Lohan /... 'Nuff said !

Paul Ruebens (Pee Wee Herman) ... speaking of weirdos.

Perhaps I should make a list of people of people (Celebrities and some people that you guys do not/may not know) whom I respect, for various reasons. Oh,well ... another day perhaps.

Sunday Morning Letter

    It is Sunday morning again, I am eating, checking the news on my computer, reading the local Sunday paper and listening to Texas Exile Radio (www.texas-exile.org/) on the computer. Too Strange for Sisterdale's "Out Again" is playing right now. Ms Hilda is still asleep and enjoying her Sunday. I am going to write on the BLOG in a few minutes. I'll probably post a few pics also.
   The couple whose wedding we attended two weeks ago have a thing on You Tube ... about their lives prior to the wedding and Rob's proposal. You can see it at Rob and Lizette 2010 on You Tube or simply click (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT9qHQKtELE). It was (is) a pretty cute thing that Rob did up. She is such a beautiful and personable young lady ... he struck oil with her.
   I found out why my arm has been constantly sore since the injury a couple of weeks ago. They are fairly certain that I tore my rotator cuff. They're going to schedule me for an MRI and see if a shoulder operation is in my future. They gave me some pain pills, so that I can finally get some sleep. The pain is still there 24/7 though.
   Hilda and I played our Saturday Shuffleboard at the Legion yesterday. I was lucky enough to win, so we doubled our entry fee of $10 ($5 each). The winners get $20 ... which is 4 times your entry fee. That helped defray the day's expenses ... beer, lunch (from The Hogie House, across the street from the Legion. Great sandwiches!). But win or lose, we look forward to Saturday with our friends at the Legion.
   Today is the 29th of August ... September starts on Wednesday, so I assume that Christmas Trees and other sundry decorations will start appearing in big box stores any time now. It gets earlier every year. Here in Arizona we are winding down the latest in the season Monsoons that I can ever remember. Generally our rains start between June 24th (The Feast Day of San Juan) and July 4th. The majority of our accumulation is in July, with the season dying off in early August. This year (at least in our neck of the woods here at ZIP 85711) the season started in mid August and we have just received another couple of storms in the past 3 days, a good one last evening.

Today's history headlines from the Desert Dude:
   In 1533, Atahualpa, last of the Inca rulers, was strangled under orders of Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro. The Inca Empire really ceased to exist with his passing..
   In 2005, downgraded to a Category 4 Storm, but packing high storm surges and sustained winds of more than 140 miles an hour, Hurricane Katrina slammed ashore on the Gulf Coast, its eye crossing northeast Louisiana, just east of New Orleans, inflicting severe damage in New Orleans and along coastlines of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, with high winds and killer floods, becoming the costliest storm in history with reports of more than $125 billion in damage and more than 1,800 killed.

1] Actress Ingrid Bergman in 1915 ... great actress; although best known for Casablanca with Bogart, She won three Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, and the Tony Award for Best Actress. Also known as the mother of actress/model Isabella Rossellini (who has a twin sister).
2] Jazz saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker in 1920, probably the greatest Sax player EVER
3] Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. in 1936 (age 74), whom I just voted against ... in vain I might add
4] Actor Elliott Gould in 1938 (age 72), once married to Barbra Streisand. His only 'good' movie, in my estimation, was M*A*S*H
5] TV personality Robin Leach ( Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ) in 1941 (age 69) ... he is on MY list of "All Time Wastes and Over-rated Twats", perhaps that list deserves a letter of it's own. Hmmm, I'll think about it.
6] Pop singer, and former black boy/white man, Michael Jackson in 1958 ... he made my list also (see above)
7] Actress Rebecca De Mornay in 1962 (age 48), she was the hooker who seduced a high school student played by Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

   Well, I must go and post some stuff on the Blog (this letter among other things) and check out MY favorite Blog to follow ...
http://happysnappy09.blogspot.com/. It is a treat, but the only "posts" are Sunday mornings and consist of two pictures. the premise of the Blog is Two friends far apart, a Finn ... Jaanain ... living in her native Finland and an Italian expat ... Kia ... living in Scotland, sharing glimpses of their life by a previously chosen theme ... one word. Each Sunday they post their one photo each "on the theme" without discussing about them beforehand. I wish that I could find a friend here in the states or overseas to do the same thing ... what a blast it would be. If you get a chance, check out their efforts.
   Have a great week and we (Ms Hilda and I) do ... as always ... wish you all:

27 August 2010

The Grand Canyon Trip 2006

The Chapel of the Holy Cross, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Tovar Lodge (on the south rim)

Hilda at the edge (scared to death and holding that tree in a death grip)

Montezuma Castle (Camp Verde, AZ) 2006

My favorite picture (of mine) of the Canyon

Hilda and I took a trip to Camp Verde, Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon in 2006 and I was going through some pictures and thought that I would post a few. It was a great time and we hope to go back.

22 August 2010

At David's and Barbara's

   Hilda and I went to David and Barbara's house in Saddlebrook last evening. It's about 30 miles from our house, toward Oracle, in Oro Valley. It was a small birthday celebration for David's 80th B-day. We visited, ate, drank beer (David and I) talked politics, family, food Judaism (they are both Jewish) and a lot about illegal aliens. Both David and Barbara are die-hard liberal Democrats and I am a very conservative Independent. Lots of disagreement there on almost every subject.
Hilda out by their pool

   Barbara (Zagoria) is a really great artist and has been all of her life. I took some photographs of 'some' of her work that hangs on the walls of their house. They are both native New Yorkers, but she has lived years in Mexico and New Guinea, and has visited South America, Central America, Russia and Greece among other places. David does some outstanding stained glass work, much of which is on display in their home.

This is one of her works of a Mexican lady 
and her child.
[Excuse the glare at lower right, sun shining 
through the windows behind me.]

This is one of a young boy in 
ceremonial garb in New Guinea

This is some of David's stained glass 
hung in the east windows of the dining area.
 Some of Barbara's memorabilia 
from New Guinea

Some views of their back yard

21 August 2010

(This is a re-post of one from 2007)

These are some favorite pictures of mine of some of our downtown buildings. I took these when Hilda and I were walking from the parking garage to the SAHBA Home Show the other week. Some of the buildings are below ground level, though open to the sunlight and ... they have garden areas and plazas down there also.

Saturday Morning

   Saturday morning, the 21st, ... our table shuffleboard day at Post 36. I am (as usual) listening to TexasExileRadio on the computer and browsing some computer stuff. The ever lovely Ms Hilda is sleeping as is her wont. Mornings are my times, I am up with the sun. Hilda's a night time person ... up 'til midnight most nights, watching TV, playing POGO on the 'puter, or listening to books on CD. It works out well, we each have our time alone ... but the other half of ourselves is only 15 feet away in the next room. 
   We will go to the Legion today to play "shuffley" with our friends and we are going to Saddlebrook (in Oro Valley) for dinner with David Blye and his significant other Barbara Zagoria (the artist). It is sort of an 80th B-day for David. 
   I am working with the design of the BLOG page, trying to reflect me and my thoughts in the design. I'll see what Ms Hilda thinks when she gets up
   Just received something on the E-mail that I thought that I would include (I have several pages going at once).
   I thought for a minute, an "entrepreneur" ... then it hit me. He is 25 years old, he has 9 kids ... that is welfare heaven. Nine welfare recipients at about a $1000 apiece, plus food stamps, unemployment, school lunches. Hell, I should have been an entrepreneur and not a hard working taxpayer. I guess that I am just stupid.
  Well, the ever fetching Ms Hilda is up and around ... I should make some breakfast. 
   Have a great week and hug someone, you'll both feel so much better.

19 August 2010


  From Popo's Morning Rush
WCPO Channel 9 News Sports Director, John Popovich.


 Before I came to Cincinnati, I was a news reporter at WOC in Davenport Iowa.

    I covered a lot of city council and a lot of  political stuff. One of the guys I covered was Ed "Fast Eddie" Mezvinsky, who was the Congressman from Iowa's first district. Seemed like a pretty nice guy, but when he ditched his wife for a New York reporter, the Iowa voters ditched him. My most vivid memory is that he sat on the House Judiciary Committee that was deciding the fate of President Nixon.
   Anyway, years later, "Fast Eddie" got caught with his hand in the till. He cheated investors out of more than $10 million dollars. He went to prison for several years, and is still on parole. 

                                        (the rest of the story.....)

 This weekend, his son married Chelsea Clinton. How about that? 

18 August 2010

Wednesday 8-18

From this morning's paper:

PHOENIX - Border Patrol officers are being told by supervisors to stay out of certain areas as too dangerous, Cochise County's top law enforcement officer said Tuesday. "Agents have told me - this isn't secondhand - that there are places where they don't work right along the border because it's too dangerous," Sheriff Larry Dever said, adding that line officers told him they are simply listening to what they are told by their superiors."There is concern at the management level, at a certain level, that it's too dangerous right there on the fence," Dever explained. And he said there also is the fear of getting into a confrontation with illegal immigrants and smugglers right along the border that would create an "international incident … with across-the-border shooting."Keith Bocharski, a vice president of the union representing area Border Patrol officers, said supervisors do tell staffers to use caution. And he said there are times individual agents decide not to try to apprehend someone right at the border.But Bocharski, of Local 2544 of the National Border Patrol Council, rejected any assertion there is a policy, official or otherwise, of declaring certain areas unsafe."That's the type of work that we do. It's inherently dangerous," Bocharski continued. But, he said, "I haven't known one person to avoid that." That was confirmed by Lloyd Easterling, spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. "To be 100 percent clear, no such order has been given," he said in a written response. "And any assertions to the contrary are false." Easterling acknowledged officers may be advised to make tactical decisions about their activities in given areas. "Situations may exist where an immediate capture in close proximity to the border is not always prudent due to terrain limitations and response time constraints," he said. "For example, agents may choose to stage their vehicles in a position that gives them a better chance to actually pursue individuals entering the U.S. illegally," Easterling explained. And he said it isn't always necessary to go after people right at the border.But he bristled at any contention that certain areas are considered off-limits."Our agents and officers put their lives on the line every day," he said. "This is not a cadre of men and women who avoid areas that are too dangerous."
Dever stressed he wasn't saying there was a general order issued. In fact, the sheriff said, the directions given to officers vary from location to location. "It's not every Border Patrol manager," he said. "It's not every place along the border." As far as creating an international incident goes, Bocharski said there are constraints on what Border Patrol officers can do.
"Somebody can be standing in Mexico and throw a rock or even gunfire with immunity, basically," he explained. "There's nothing that we can do to apprehend the person in Mexico other than calling Mexican authorities," Bocharski continued. "So whenever you're close to the border there's always a chance of some type of violence." He stressed, though, that agents are still on the border, even "miles from town." Dever said he wouldn't identify specific areas that are considered off-limits to officers. "I probably shouldn't go there," he said, because pointing out specific locations would identify the officers who are assigned to those areas, which could get them in trouble for talking about the instructions.

17 August 2010

Tuesday Afternoon 8/17

  Well, it is Tuesday. Hilda and I worked (volunteer) at the American Legion last evening for Sirloin Burger Night. It was great fun ... as usual ... and it is always great working with our friends. We did some food shopping today and we are watching TV. Well, at least I am ... she is listening to one of her books on tape. I will get to work a few hours tomorrow and Thursday for David Blye of B&Z Hospitality. That will help our depleted coffers some. I wrote / started to write a new poem a week or so ago and I will put it here and update when needed. Hotel Congress is a "cool" OLD hotel in the middle of downtown where people hang out on the patio ... drinking, eating, talking, being seen.
   From Wikipedia ..."The Hotel Congress is a historic building located in downtown Tucson, AZ. It was built in 1919 in conjunction with the musical venue Rialto Theater  which sits across the street. The rear of the building faces the historic Amtrak station, built by Southern Pacific in 1907. In addition to being a hotel, the Hotel Congress building also houses a restaurant, bar and venue. In 1985, a music venue was opened in the hotel, and has become a prime venue for touring bands playing in Tucson. In February, 2005, the stage was completely redesigned by local latino artist Daniel Martin Diaz. ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons has said that the Tap Room at Hotel Congress is his favorite bar. Hotel Congress has received write-ups in Playboy, SPIN, and Blender—among others. In the June 2007 issue of Esquire magazine, Club Congress was named one of the best bars in America. Club Congress is regarded as being the longest-running venue of its kind west of the Mississippi, and, in part because of this distinction, the Arizona Governor issued a proclamation on July 25, 2005, that Labor Day Weekend, would be known as "Club Congress Weekend". During Labor Day Weekend, the Hotel puts on a three-day, three-night live music event known as "HOCOFest". In 2008, the HOCOFest featured performances by forty live acts including The Meat Puppets.
  Enough of a history lesson I guess. My poem follows: Please don't laugh,I am an amateur, even after all these years.

Hotel Congress Patio

here I sit in downtown Tucson
June 24th, the feast day of San Juan
the date the monsoons historically spawn
it’s a lovely day here in Arizona
yuppie at the next table sips a cold Corona
purveying, he hopes, a cool persona
I, myself, have my own brew
one that’s favored by the working few
it’s not ‘cool’, but it sure will do
there’s construction going all around
high rise buildings cover the ground
that’s the growth going on in town
my gaze lifts to a distant view
the Catalinas gleaming in a light brown hue      
a sight that I wish I could share with you
downtown is really not my place
it’s not that it’s such a big disgrace
I just yearn for a more open space
I adore our desert clime
I think upon it time to time
it influences my every rhyme
out in the boonies, that’s my place
it always brings me to a state of grace
and puts a smile on my ancient face
but the city has good places to dine
a great selection of beer and wine   
and music that is really fine
If only … I could live far away
and travel to town on any given day
but … where would I go, to get away?

My lady Hilda and me

Hilda watching some entertainment at the Legion

H and I dancing at the club

Ready to go out

16 August 2010

Some pictures of mine

August 15th

Hilda with my 2 youngest nietas (granddaughters). 
Tori Rigney (on the left) is my youngest son Alberto's daughter
(his only child).
Madison Rigney (on the right) is my oldest son Steve's only daughter
(his 5th child).

Madison's Birthday

My nieto Diego (Steve's 2nd oldest), my oldest son Steve, 
the birthday girl Madison, Antonio and Angel (Steve's two youngest boys), 
and my daughter's son Abel (my oldest nieto)

The Music

The beginning of the ceremony

Lizette, Pastor Greg Hill, 
Lizette's mom Francesca Cantu, 

The Wedding Party

The Saturday wedding

The ever fetching Ms Hilda and I went to a wedding at Sabino Canyon (here in Tucson) on Saturday. Some friends of ours [from the American Legion], Gary and Gertrude Reid, have a son Rob who married Marie Lizette Cantu. She was such a beautiful bride and is certainly a great catch for Rob. Her family came from California, Texas, New Mexico, and other places.The ceremony locale was magnificent ... the Catalinas in the background, Sahuaros all around and God's very hot sun beating down. It was held at 0900 hrs. (9 AM), but it was very hot and NO breeze. Afterwards, we all gathered at American Legion Post 36 for the reception. All in all, a beautiful day.

Back to the Blog

Well folks, after a few years of not posting anything to this format ... I have returned. I find that it's easier and I can write without invading your In-Box. This way, I can write what I want and you can either visit or not visit. All my rants, raves, opinions and poetry are typed (keyboarded??) and they can leave my brain the way that I want and I do not feel that I am invading your space. I understand that at times (always?) my e-mails can be irritating. I shall still send a few, but my outpourings shall be on this format.